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Annual membership is just $15 per person. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join!!


So... what is the PTA?


What does the Eccles PTA do?

We advocate for the health, education and safety of all students and provide a forum for parent involvement and education. Eccles PTA supports students and teachers through classroom supplements and educational enhancements, family fun nights (Color Dash, Pumpkin Night, Bingo for Books), Jog-a-thon, field trips, Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB), Scholastic News, and so much more. We organize teacher appreciation events and staff celebrations. We need your support and voice to be successful! Join Eccles PTA and start making a difference today!

Why join the PTA?

Your membership dollars help supply our annual budget that serves our students and families. In addition to supporting our Eccles community as a PTA member, you are also joining the largest and oldest child advocacy organization at the state and national levels. Anyone is welcome to attend meetings or get involved but your membership allows you a vote on decisions related to our budget and advocacy.

How to get involved!

Where do your dollars go?

Eccles Fundraising Pie Chart

Eccles PTA is supporting your students